welcome to Fu Mei Campaign Memorial Hall!


Notice of Visit
【Notice of Visit】

1. The memorial is a patriotism education base that praises martyrs and inspires future generations. Visitors should dress neatly and olemnly.

2. The memorial hall is open to the public for free, and special duty is on duty during the holidays.

3.Visitors must obey the staff arrangement.


4.Consciously cherish the martyrs'cultural relics and public facilities.


5. Consciously protect the environment in the memorial hall, not scribble and litter.


6. Care for flowers and trees, prohibit climbing.

7. The commemorative square prohibits vehicles from running in disorder, and cannot set up points at random.


8. No loud noise, frolic, fights and fights in the memorial hall are strictly prohibited.


9. Strictly prohibit gambling in the memorial hall, strictly prohibit feudal superstition and all unhealthy activities.

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